Welcome to the official website for the annual role-play food street fair and festival in FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE known as A Feast Reborn! With a focus on inclusive, food-oriented role-play, this multi-vendor two-day extravaganza will be in its fourth year in 2024! Featuring more than 30 player-run role-play food establishments, free giveaways, 50/50 ticket raffles, silent auctions, games, music, and fan favourite cooking shows and pudding wrestling, there is never something NOT to do during A Feast Reborn.

Located on Crystal Datacentre’s Diabolos world server, A Feast Reborn takes place in the Goblet’s Ward 14 Subdivision in the houses surrounding the square at the northern aetheryte shard, Plots 35 & 37.

This fun-filled weekend returns in 2024 from 4-8 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13, though the Chocobo Pudding Wrestling League and the Chocobo Chef Cooking Competition will begin in the months prior. Stay tuned for updates!

We are humbled to announce that we were able to raise approximately $1,200 USD for Action Against Hunger, a food security non-profit that operates world-wide. Without your contributions, we would not have met our $500 goal — and blown by it. We are thrilled, humbled, and glad that our Feast Community came together to support such a worthwhile goal. Thank you all <3 Key & Snow, Organizers

Nyte & Lya